Coming events?

Iím seriously beginning to think this guy is FOS. Iíll agree with Silver at .9999 which has medicinal properties, IE: Colloidal Silver, but with Gold and the recent bill passed which will make reporting mandatory for deals more than 650.00, it would be wise to stay back from that. Not to mention Gold was called up once by FDR. I know gold is used for arthritis but could the average person affordably make a piece of equipment that could make the meds needed from gold, no. Silver only requires 1- 9 volt battery. 2 clip leads. 2 pieces of silver (preferably wire), and I like a toggle switch and led, I think itís purty, lol. In Biblical times silver was traded ore than gold which was a sign of wealth but primarily used for jewelry due to its soft properties making it easier work and fashion into objects.


  As far as China helping us out, Iíve contemplated this today. They stated to get rid of the Illuminati?  The Li family are one of the 13 bloodlines of this group, of which Li owns and rules China. They donít turn on the each other and primarily why they have been in power since before Alexander the Great. She mentions firing of the Federal Government, which Iím sure that most know it is a corporation that was hired to manage the government for the Republic of America. That is why DC is not allowed to vote in a presidential election. Then she mentions that when they are fired that there may be some turmoil. Ya think! Those in power are usually not willing to just walk off. So letís see. The Chinese will remove from power the corrupt and give us back the 6.7 trillion dollars they have in an off shore account, then give us back the Republic and just walk away? They say because they like us and think we deserve better? Look at their citizens in real time.


  As most probably will remember the speech given in China about invasion, which Russia gave plans on how to better do it. For years after that it appears just like they have listened well with the worldís largest shipping fleet and increased imports to the USA. Now all that lacks is doing as Russia came up with by loading cargo ships with troops instead of product. This will come shortly after a release of biological weapons to keep infrastructure intact while thinning the herd and make room for Chinese citizens later on.  Sounds like a horror flick donít it? It does stand to reason why at Fema Relocation Centers many of the signs are in, yep, you guessed it, Chinese. The new remake of Red Dawn hasnít got Russians invading like the first one did, nope, Chinese people invading this time.


  God knows we need saving from the crooks that are in power, but by other crooks? Really? Did I mention that after the ďresetĒ that they will still be using the IMF for a central governmental power? Well at least the Treasury dept will be issuing our currency like our forefathers wanted, but then consider this. Currency will be based upon 20% gold and 80% precious minerals. Could this be why China has, over the last few years, bought up the rights and properties of over 90% of the worldís precious minerals? Why just recently they have bought old oil fields, and mines here in the USA and have long since owned our seaports. This could just be coincidence, but I simple donít think so, I could be wrong.


  Many people think that the Illuminati donít exist or those that do assume they are Satanists. Wrong on both accounts. They are Luciferians and one must find out what that means. Luciferians are pretty dang tight and with no affiliations to many groups they are associated with by new researchers. There are few and I would think the lady was correct, maybe even generous when she quoted about 5,000 of them. One does not join this cult, you are born into it. Lucifer being Satan before his fall to earth. They consider themselves not human but rather those that were bred to rule over humans. They have been around a long time and even in Biblical days one can see evidence and warnings about these people. Maybe they are descendants of Nephilim bloodlines, maybe they just think they are, who knows. Thing is, they stick. They may fuss from time to time but they do no harm to the other as far as deadly.


  There is more that Iíve mused since listening to that ďconference callĒ, but that is enough for now. Perhaps that was to get people on board since we have more firearms per household than any nation, save one, but recent laws are taking care of that too. Perhaps the reason for the calling of the little girlís birthday as 9-11, which most should know that is two Occult numbers placed together. I think Iíll make this email a page. Without the recipients names of course.