Depression 2009 facts that history teaches us. What to expect.

 There is one that shows a very simplistic view that many seem to have copied. Actually a perspective from one that who hasn't a clue or doesn't want to make it look as bad as it can and will probably get. In simplistic terms, a water down version of reality. I am no brilliant person nor am I a writer. I am not educated in any way, form, shape or fashion- in the new ways. This is from doing the math as I see it taking many viewpoints from the past and present and simply deducing what is likely from my perspective.

The onset of the Depression will be debated. You will hear that it is and that it is not. There will be mouth pieces and actors that will give you formulations of what it lacks being called a depression. It will be debated as was the fact that we have been in a Recession for a while now, they are just now admitting to it. During this onset there will be uplifting stories, and while good to hear, sideline attractions at best, simple distractions at worse. As you are watching the news (I use that term lightly) between the happy, happy, feel good stories will be facts, some watered down, some straight, most sound bites at best.

   No, this isn't the thirties, not by a long shot. There are those that say that the suffering will be pretty much solo as people set a home and suffer by themselves. Then again, these same people also say it will not be as severe. That this; one will not look like the last, and I agree. It will be worse. At first people may stay home and watch tv, play sports, or go to the park. It will seem like a vacation and indeed even more so if one that has endured the jobs that are left. But as time goes by things will advance. Homes will be abandoned or foreclosed on, and the TV, well, I'm sure there will be something somewhere for the fix. 

  As the Depression advances it will be marked with jobs that slowly disappear but speed up, and more part-time jobs appearing, many will be temporary at best. As one drives through the neighborhoods a vast amount of foreclosures will be available. Neighborhoods will be turned into what looks like a new subdivision with used houses. In worse neighborhoods, houses will be prevalent with burned out remains. Now at first the unemployed may well suffer at home alone or with their family, but as time grows and benefits begin to run out, they emerge. The least notice of a job being offered will bring about one thousand to one odds, as people turn out to apply. Since most owe for their houses and property, they will be evicted. Tent cities like the ones already in place now will became a popular thing...but only for a while as people eventually decide they have enough and begin to squat in empty housing.   

  Car lots will set full of new cars, and used cars lot will slowly sell a few, not being able to replace the sold ones with dealer buys but rather by trading with it's own customers that can still afford to trade. Car parts stores and hardware stores will stay steady as people no longer can afford to trade in or replace. They will be repairing what they have. Notices will litter the paper with bankruptcies and notice of  foreclosures. Restaurants will begin to close as they compete for the few that can afford them. Where some eat out twice a week, it may become once a month. Flea Markets and road side yard sales will grow. Laws will be passed and at first imposed to attempt to gather lost revenues from these markets. Eventually though people will endure and as desperation sets in out of necessity. Grocery stores will become busier but with failing markets, and rising fuel prices, slowly stores will run out. This will however change as the depression continues and side market farmers decide to sell to local grocery stores for safety. Robberies at grocery stores will surge.            

   Hospitals will be tested to their limits from the influx of patients that have no insurance must wait until they can't wait, and go to the emergency room for treatment. Those that are legally allowed to turn non paying people away will do so. Those who can not turn people away will lose great deals of money. This will be subsidized by the state and local government and will begin to fail as governments run out of money and their deficits grow.  Jobs once thought secure in the health industry will become scarce as people will no longer do preventive check-ups and wait until it becomes a do or die cause. Doctors offices will employee Skelton crews as many patients will no longer be seen at doctor's offices. Pharmacies that are in separate buildings or  strip malls will slowly begin to move into hospitals, or at least as close as they can get. Around hospitals will become a dangerous place as crimes soar. They in turn will seek help from the Federal government who are already becoming insolvent and unable to make the payment on the interest. Foreign countries that once bought stocks and bonds now demand payment as they pull their funds back out. 

Shopping malls and strip malls will have empty spaces from lack of business. As inventory sets awaiting orders at ports that seldom come, prices will decrease. This is the deflation of goods. Eventually as the Depression gets deeper and longer, abandoned malls begin to appear, many with foreclosure notices attached. Each time these lose more jobs and create a longer, more expensive trips to the store, but the stores that are open will be either empty or have very little stock. As malls are foreclosed on eventually they become safe havens for some of the homeless. Deaths traps for some.

They in turn will seek help from the Federal government who are already becoming insolvent and unable to make the payment on the interest. Foreign countries that once bought stocks and bonds now demand payment as they pull their funds back out. Like is already being done, America will sell or trade her asset's. 

  People will begin to migrate, and we are already seeing that. Each migration comes with expense as they look to restart. As this migration proves unfruitful people will, out of desperation begin to squat in abandoned houses. People in cities will begin to steal and fight as stress tension rises. Riots will break out as people attempt to survive. More funding for food, shelter, and clothing will grace the larger cities to try and keep the suffering to a low roar. Those in suburbs and smaller towns may migrate to the cities in search of assistance. Travel for goods becomes harder to afford as cars are repossessed and older cars begin to fail. People will be standing holding signs looking for work or hand-outs. Subdivisions and Suburbs will see house that where once there were flowers, vegetables are planted. This will at first bring about citations in some areas, but later accepted.    

  Some will seek the countryside in search of self sufficiency, but will falter from lack of practical knowledge. Stealing will become more prevalent in areas with sparser housing. Violence will ensue as people attempt to defend what they have and thefts are more violent in nature. Where in cities and suburbs theft is a quick occurrence, countryside will be where torture and heinous crimes will accompany many thefts. Trips into town as the Depression continues will become more dangerous in traveling and leaving the house to get supplies. Trips into towns will be limited and goods bought will be goods needed, with an occasional cheap treat. Hitchhikers will be found at many roads and along highways and interstates. Wild dogs, tossed aside because the owner can no longer feed and care for them will create packs that will be dangerous to anything in their path.

The prey that once roamed free will be all but existent from over hunting, both by man and beast. People wandering or that had plans of living wild will soon find there is a lack of wild food, as it has already been picked and hunted clean. The once domesticated dogs however will also be starving and attacks on humans will come after the livestock becomes depleted. 

  State and local governments will begin to lay-off employees as real estate, personal property, sales, and state taxes bring in less and less money. This eventually shuts down the governments after they first seek federal help. Violations will become more an everyday thing as they seek to replace revenue. Intolerance is the new cash cow, but only as long as citizens can pay and will allow it. This makes the state governments look to federal government for assistance, as it continues, the deficit grows. Buildings and vehicles will begin to age and show need of repair, provided the government realizes that things must last. Plans will be cancelled as time continues.  In a last ditch effort, cities will expand their limits, attempting to take in more revenue. Higher taxes will be demanded and maybe even the creation of some we're not accustomed to. This will further kill sales of goods and decrease the people who own property. At some point, when properties are becoming foreclosed on delinquent taxes, riots will occur.   

  People will wear older designer clothes and begin to patch when needed, the more fortunate however will not. Things once threw away will now be repaired and purchases will be based on need, quality, and reparability, and lesser to name brand. Hair bows and other pleasantries that are cheap will still be in demand, but only after needs are met. Repair shops will once again emerge, some specific, but most will be jacks of all trades. Many older products tucked away will be emerging since much of the newer items are not meant to be repaired. 

  Jobs will be lost in most sectors as work slows down, some will be large scale lay-offs, some will be small ones. The market will fluctuate up and down, setting up bear traps catching many of what is left. Those who belong to professional organizations will continue to get news from the organization saying that the end is near and all will slowly go back to normal. These hooks will catch many to pay their fees for the hope of the light at the end of the tunnel. Eventually, many will begin to see the deepening hole, commissions gone and salaries cut at first, then lay-offs appear. Eventually everybody will know somebody that has lost their job. From this jobs will become increasingly harder with more work demanded, longer or short hours and reduced pay and benefits. Those trained in specific jobs will see this possibly increasingly faster and faster. Those working for what few manufacturers left here will be harassed more. The news will tell that American Workers are just too expensive for the company to make a profit, as their jobs are outsourced. Management will say the company needs this as they are instructed to demand more and more from their workers, being promised a better tomorrow if they succeed. Eventually, like many other businesses that outsource, the managers and foreman are not needed any longer. they join the ranks of the regular workers.

   Food stamp will be given out in larger and larger numbers as more an more people have to live on less money. Unemployment will continue to grow, but you will not see it in the news for what it is. The numbers will (as they do now) only show those that draw checks, when the benefits run out, they are no longer counted. As they take part-time and temporary jobs that will not sustain them, they leave the counted. Eventually, part-time jobs will be demanded by the government as funding dries up and the deficit goes even higher. The part-time wages will be low, and increasing productions or variations of job description will be undefined. The government will do a lot of debating as if to be puzzled, but little to no progress will be made. Jobs with benefits will be heavily competed for and benefits will be lessened or deleted completely. America will sell the last remaining values of highways, parks, and other holdings in an ignorant attempt to save a drowning country.       

  Churches will begin to fill as desperation sets in, but with little money, they will become cold in the winter and hot in the summer. Smaller churches will falter as utilities must be paid as well as loans, if any. People will feel the need to assemble, to fit in. Churches that gave services will have to cut out most services. Churches that employee a lot of people will need to lay-off. Church pastors will be employed by the government to help calm the people. Small churches will spring up, but very primitive.

  Suicides and homicides will increase in frequency as it drags along. In larger population areas it will be more prevalent yet in rural America, drugs like anti-depressants and pain killers will increase the violence. There will be more robberies and attacks. The wealthy will seeks to end their life as the poor will sacrifice theirs. Attacks in the cities will be brief but brutal. Attacks in the country will be brutal, torture, and long, many times lasting for days. Attacks will increase at stop signs and Red Lights, or when entering and exiting the vehicle. At first citations will be given to those no obeying traffic laws, eventually though it becomes just as dangerous for police to pull over. The military is called in but as tension builds, so does conflicts. 

  Babies, handicapped, health ridden, and older people will begin to perish as medicines and doctor's visits decrease due to lack of insurance and money. Thousands within the first few months. By the time winter sets in, the death toll will triple. Lack of proper nutrition will claim many lives, in addition to the lack of medical care due to no insurance and less money to spend, immunity is lacking. Eventually in the cities, lack of proper hygiene will cause diseases. Many will be lost to the searing heat in the summer and lack of heat in the winter months, as electric bills can't be afforded. Many will die from accidents as they attempt to heat their houses with alternative and creative sources.

  Deflation will occur in everything except commodities like fuel and food, which we will see an increase quite substantial. People become upside down on their cars, houses, and other goods - owing more than the worth of the product. As people realize this drop in worth they begin to wait to buy. This drops the economy even further down, costing more jobs, losing more taxes. Products bought will be imported products from slave labor countries. As the event unfolds, people in other countries experience a similar situation. Labor prices increase and so do the cheaper goods made abroad. Once the Federal Government declares it can no longer pay, foreign countries cease to ship goods. It is at this point that Inflation will begin to appear. Corporations will begin to charge more for less as they feel their belts tighten. Small companies will begin to be bought out by larger ones, and larger ones by the largest ones will merge. Trading posts will once again be king, along with Pawn Shops, but pawn shops as it continues will decrease and slowly drop to the side, some changing to trading posts. It is at the middle that people begin to make and buy products made and grown in the country. It will be limited as factories have been torn down and converted. 

   Farmers that have lasted this long will be able to plant smaller crops as banks that haven't closed are hard to borrow money from. Corporate farms will however still be subsidized by big government which will keep ever increasing prices just low enough to destroy more private owned farms. More laws will be passed making family farms even less profitable. The family farms left will produce just enough for themselves and some market products. Cheaper foods and imports will find people lacking in nutritional needs thus leading a pathway to diseases. Outbreaks will occur. Cheaper foods will only last until they have ran family farmers out of business, then prices will spike higher prices that has ever been known. Corporate farms will now utilize the Boa Constrictor effect. As the government becomes broke, the subsidies' now from foreign nations, if indeed there are any left to afford them.            

  As the government attempts to pour money out in social services after an already failed plan, the country slowly become insolvent. When a time is reached, maybe before, countries that once lent money to the USA will either stop, or be forced to due to their own economic condition. The USA will sell most of her assets to other countries, highways, landmarks, etc. There will be a point that the government can no longer even pay the interest on the monies owed, at that point, bankruptcy will be declared. before that point however, taxes will be raised many times and new taxes will be levied. As taxes are raised, less monies is kept by the people. An out roar will be heard, and probably silenced. As the government borrows more money, inflation begins to set in from any country that can lend.

  DC will cause inflation, this after deflation. When DC can no longer pay the interest (close now), bankruptcy will occur. At this point if not sooner, countries which we buy from will either charge higher prices or discontinue to do business with the USA. Therein Hyper Inflation will begin. Food, already being priced high, will be such as families will starve. Grocery stores and convenient markets shelves will begin to empty as supplies slowly trickle in, grabbed up by those who can afford to buy. It will again be even a lower grade of food than previously. Fuel by then will be a luxury. The road side markets will barter as much as possible, eventually ceased by the government.

  As countries fall, a new currency will be offered, who knows, maybe enforced.         


                              To Be Continued...

   A new gold classification will be introduced breaking all those who have gold and gold stocks as it will be classified as Pagan Gold. Fed Gold with a hologram will be the expensive stuff, but also illegal. There may even be a gold confiscation if enough is not willingly surrendered. Many will go broke. Those that have savings will have them locked for bank holiday and then when reopened, money will be worth a small portion of what it was. Think paper dollars are cheaper than firewood. As a secondary plan, there will be a monetary system which will be based upon this false gold that is illegal to own, dividing the world into 4 slices. 3 are already complete. The primary objective is to create one money system. When this system first starts it should start with debit cards and a system of no save. Maybe draws on one's checks. Eventually it will be billed as a safety issue for implantable chips which are not really more safe, as limbs will be torn off to get the chip credits.  

 Update - This was written almost a year ago and a few new things are in the makings that will through this off a bit, indeed, they will make growing food and selling food illegal, look into Bill HR875. If the bill is passed, quicken the deaths, disease, and bankruptcies. This bill will be the start of the second Revolution. With the tobacco tax that is applied tomorrow, a new tax is in the making on caffeine items. I urge people to also see what products contain caffeine, you will be amazed. Pay strict attention to the calling for a new Global Currency. Play even stricter attention to the small banks and companies being devoured by the larger ones. Notice the Global Warming agenda, it is real except it is Hell on Earth not because man or the globe is getting hotter, rather man has figured out how to tax and blame man for nature. Global Warming is a lie that will bring about taxes that will (mark these words) global government, global control, global taxation ... in short, 1 world government. This is about to get real interesting folks ... and real deadly. 

  On a personal note: Obama is the final pages of our country, the book was began when a coo took over our government, after JFK. Those who would think there is a difference between Johnson, Nixon, Regan, Clinton, Bush (s), and Obama - I strongly suggest you read your history. Note the same people in power. Note the continuation of each agenda towards the singular agenda. That is what happens when you elect "leaders" instead of Representives. This is also what happens when you do not know what form of government the founders laid out, hint, it was not suppose to be a Democracy. Democracy is mob rules. We were a Republic of the Constitution. May God have mercy on us all, they will not.