The Dumbing and Numbing Of America.

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  Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when  they do it from religious conviction."
 -- Blaise Pascal ~1650 AD

  There are proven ways to control what people actually know and what they think they know. Let's say there is no Shadow Government at work and it just doesn't exist and there are paranoid people at work imagining this conspiracy stuff even making mountains out of molehills on actual evidence. Toss out all evidence that this exists and let's look at evidence of everyday life. Above all I'm blessed with a good family and good friends along with 2 jobs not counting farming. I must say that I have been blessed with financial comfort, while I'm not rich my needs are met and many of my wants but my wants have lessened as I get older but the things I've chosen aren't cheap like collecting and restoring old cars and keeping a web server for several websites. The one thing I'm not blessed with any longer is good health anymore but the first 40 years were good so you can't have it all....or can you? We're not even going to add the conspiracy theories into this equation and I have dedicated my oldest website mainly to just that but rather from what some would conceive to be normal, if indeed there is such a thing.

  Big Business is a powerful money making thing that is corrupt, not the larger businesses we're talking corporations but as businesses grow larger so does the corruption. I myself said that Bill Gates and Microsoft was a good thing in spite of the fact that he stole the plans for his platform and the design for the mouse. Look around at how many other companies are out there...none except Apple or Mac as it's called. How many small companies have been put out due to their existence and yet we think they deserve it because big business is smart. Owning a small business for many years I soon learned all the taxes you get slammed with, it seems never ending and yet corporations get tax breaks and after they deduct their so called expenses they pretty much don't pay any. For the small businessman paying taxes on his or her building is a must yet large companies can get away without paying and if renting a building may even have that paid by the taxpayer. Most small businesses can attest to the fact that labor laws they fear breaking big business breaks daily with seldom anything more than a slap on the wrist where as smaller ones could lose their business. Harley Davidson, Chrysler, Airlines and indeed many other were bailed out of bankruptcy by our government which might be ok if they done the same for all businesses and didn't have a hugh debt, so large we are borrowing money from China and Japan which holds so much of our debt that they are actually taking property like roads as payment.

  Deception and greed soon takes over and Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot are examples of just that. They come in on a white horse and give good deals and at first beat the price of competitors but after the competitors begin to thin out they match the price, then later they match the price on the same thing exactly the same thing. By then the competitors are few and weak most of them being family owned (now called mom & pop stores) and indeed they were sorta family stores trying to carry the best and opening up for you for emergencies. During this time if they lose money they create stock out of thin air and so those buying stock now are basically paying the companies to allow them to buy from them and if stock falters, most are mutual funds and no money is lost by the creators of this large beast. I call this the Boa theory. You encircle your prey, trance it and appear to snuggle to it, them squeeze the life out of it. I can also tell you that the manufacturers that cater to these giants don't last long either. Small businesses in many cases have to pay more for an item then the large companies are selling it for and while this sounds fair since big business is buying more what happens when someone makes it cheaper? By the time this happens usually smaller businesses have dropped the manufacturer because they couldn't sell the product they were paying more for and the manufacturer is forced to either switch products or go out of business. Eventually someone overseas makes it cheaper and now they are selling their stuff, remember at first Walmart was selling "Made In America" now an American made product is rare and so are the jobs for Americans to make a decent living. 

  Younger people, just as my generation doesn't remember not paying Income Tax may not remember this but in the late 1970s they were already preparing us for this but big business was rare. They taught us that we went from the Agricultural Revolution to the Industrial Revolution and they next step was the Service Revolution and I remember saying if we're all selling it, who's making it and who can afford to buy? The answer we received was again there in front with This will be a Service Society and we will all make big money. Now anybody who sells real-estate, cars, insurance, burglar alarms or anything that the big companies either can't or won't sell can tell you that just ain't so, there are a few that make good and many that don't. Back then MLM schemes (multi level marketing) companies were just beginning and with few laws but looking back I now see that this whole plan was a MLM scheme from big business. Now the consumers, where do they fit in, well they don't. How many times have you gotten use to or like a particular product only to see it's no longer carried? Even when big business drops it small business would be foolish to pick it up because the manufacturers have usually a low profit margin in order to sell to these giants and have become unstable but even then small business would have to mark up prices because they still can't buy it as cheaply as the giants did and people will probably not want to pay the price difference. 

   Now American companies saw this and Heaven forbid the overpaid CEOs and such drop their salary so they move manufacturing to another country, one that has pretty much slave labor prices. I wanted to buy a new Farm Tractor a few years ago and said I wanted an American made tractor.... there isn't one made here anymore and so I bought the closest thing which was a Massey Ferguson made in Canada. Now how could we justify to the American people that they have lower paying jobs if indeed they have a job without explaining this to them. The answer was simple guilt. We were told that American quality was found lacking, American people were lazy, American people had no pride in their work and we bought it. Seldom have I saw an American that does not take pride in their work and many their company. Unions were also to blame as they just wanted too much but if one looks back one will see that working conditions were much like that of China and other slave labor countries. Unions started changing all that and yes it did cost but it also saved life and heath but now sadly I fear that they are used as a buffer to keep people from going to the federal government when laws are broken and allow companies to break the law with fake support. Yes I am a union member but stop and think how many times you file a grievance of importance and it either gets shut out at panel or won and within a few months it happens again, ask yourself, did you really win or just get a pacifier. If I were doing a big business and was planning on breaking laws I'd beg to have a union implemented because people go to them and if they lose they just quit. How do people get fooled into thinking it was there fault and not greed? Click top for Part 2