Global Warming - Carbon Footprint - CFL

   I'm starting with the light bulb. Can one really reduce your harm to the environment by switching from incandescent light bulbs to the new, florescent bulbs? Cutting back on some things is good, like wattage, while cutting back on other things are bad, like filaments. If we were really concerned for the environment, why would we not improve on the current bulb? For that matter, make the old ones again. I saw a bulb that had lasted many years.

   How many bulbs are going into the ground at your neighboring landfill? Sure, you threw them in a plastic bag and sealed it up, but it is still glass, and glass cuts plastic, not to mention pressure from all the other garbage and foreign matter thrown away, smashing the weight, and bursting the bag. These thin bags do not, repeat, do not stay sealed. Now, if you are living on this planet, and you are smart enough to see that the shorter bulbs last the more they sell. At first they said 10 years, now, yes we were stupid enough to buy them at first, ours lasts about 1-2 years. But remember, its just a small bulb with 5 milligrams of Mercury in them. Multiple the numbers of lights in your house, then count the hoses in your neighborhood. Now add the houses in your city. If you live in a small house, add a few bulbs. When you get the total, multiply that by 6,000 gallons, that is how much water is and will be contaminated! This is not figuring in land, fishes, etc. But what will that amount do?

   So how does Mercury effect your body, for that matter, all in comes into contact with?

 Mercury is associated with over 4,000 diseases now!  Here is a few.......

The BBC reports : "

A debilitating illness of the nervous system caused by mercury poisoning has re-emerged, scientists have warned.

Minamata disease causes serious damage to the nervous system, resulting in uncontrollable shaking and muscle wasting.

It also produces appalling deformities in the children of sufferers. "

  Now these little Light Bulbs aren't the only sources, but why add another. Here is a few more places to get your poison:

    Now here is another little bit of information. The only world that produces these little poison bombs is, yep, you guessed it, China. Lets just add that to the other fine gifts they have contributed to the world lately.

  But are we to hate China? Is China solely to blame? No. While the country has definitely prospered from these bulbs, perhaps corporations are the most to blame, along with hired Spin Doctors. At the heart of the problem, lazy, ignorant people that go off half cocked. I include myself on that one, I bought them too. Of course, our very own government gets some credit as well. Again, people get the government they deserve. It and our health agencies usually go to the highest bidders.    

Now the Green Movement wants you to reduce your Carbon Footprint. Does it actually reduce it, or just change sources? If we are the sole cause of Global Warming, and placing these bulbs are suppose to make a difference, will we be here, and it so, will we know we're here, and if so, will we be able to enjoy or for that matter even wipe our own butt. No.

  I'm not saying there isn't Global Warming, I believe there is, it is just that we are not the sole cause of it. God knows we've done our damage. Even if we were, does destroying all human life and other life justify this ignorant, half hearted effort? I saw last year, what appeared to be a new word discovered, "Paradigm", of course usually it follows the word New. We are in a New Paradigm. Are we now? From my perspective, we are in the same paradigm (for those who like this word), it is just different greedy people leading half informed people to the slaughter, or suicide in realty.

  Another word too misused these days is "Peak". We are not at the peak of anything, because at the peak, we can turn around and go the other way. We can't. Doing nothing certainly will not help, but doing the wrong thing is just compounding the problem (S). Peak Credit, Peak Oil, Peak Pollution. Here is one, how about Peak Greed, Peak Ignorance, Peak Corruption. We are staring into the Abyss, and we have earned it.

  So now we are at the crossroads, with nowhere to turn. Watching TV will not cut it, amusing ourselves will not cut it anymore. Problems do not go away, and this is reality, not a reality faked show. Keeping our heads in the and, or lately up our butts will no longer stand, as we stare into the Abyss. Those breathing today will have to account, but that is not the test, the real test will comes now. Do we care about those not born here, those we will not meet here, our descendants. I hope so, for if not, we have earned ourselves a spot, a very bad spot.

   We must search out better ways. Electric cars? Now there is another dead end, they use electricity. Remember coal? Solar power? Not until the greedy get out of the way. The same material is also used for many other purposes, only the product is cheap. So why is solar so high. Then there is Nuclear energy. Clean? I thought these bulbs were too. Ever heard of Chernobyl? Now that makes me sleep better, how about you?

  Your Carbon Footprint will definitely be much, much less using some of the half cocked, wrong schemes of today. If for no other reason, you will be dead. Then again, you will not be alone, so will all other carbon based life forms, thanks in part to laziness, in part to ignorance, and in part to greed.       

Take Care,