Know Your Material, aka don't be willingly ignorant.

I'm going to list some things here that seem to escape a lot of people. If by chance you know of any please email me. My email will be at the bottom of this page. Often times people get stumped on a word and it seems that many Christian do this a lot. One can read a lot but not be well read, as a friend of mine once said. Often times we hear something repeated that is wrong and a false by repetition does not become truth. So I'll start another page that I probably won't finish again, lol. These will not be in any certain order.

  Easter and the King James Version. -

 Recently I asked on a Christian forum what version of the Bible they use. I said that I used the KJV and immediately the thread was locked because the owner of the forum said that he does not accept the KJV and based it on "they changed the Passover to say Easter. So I looked it up.