Musing The World, my Christian Perspective.

  I'll probably never finish this and why I start I have no idea. I have contemplated if to add it to my website as a page, to a blog for all to see, to a pdf file to later be printed that would most assuredly be even more seldom read until I have a decent start. Actually I don't want to even begin this but something inside is driving me to, knowing full well the message will no be received and even despised by many, especially in the "New Christian Beliefs". God knows that I am not the man to write this for I fall fall short of a saint in my past and even present life, though I am trying to do better. My past is better than some yet worse than others as is the present day. Yet I am reminded that the song that sends chills up my spine was not written by a preacher or teacher but by a man man who had led a rough life, who knew and felt the Grace of God. So though who wish to find fault in me then I say it will not be hard, for I know an openly admit that I am no writer, no teacher, and no saint.

  The links below will be opened as they are ready to be opened, some may never be opened.

God the Father and Jesus
Christian Divisions - What was old is now new, Organized Religion.
Christian Left and Right , and More-          coming soon
God and gods - Which one do you serve.
Your Future - Something I started writing
Know Your Material, aka don't be willingly ignorant.
Making it To Heaven
Silver & Gold
Deceits End of Days 
The End Days and Signs
Word Origins- You actually said what?
Changes in Bible Translations
False Saving/Baptisms plus False Teachers
Decipher Notes
Revelation 16





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