Our Next President   - Time To Change

"When tyranny and oppression come to this land, it will be
 in the guise of fighting a foreign foe."
 -- James Madison


  I actually don't look for Bush to leave the White House easily and laws have been passed that could make it hard to usurp him, I use the term usurp because dictators aren't usually replaced by elections. In an attempt to state this Mr Bush tried to say "Fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice shame on me". I think we should remember what has transpired not only over the last 8 years but the 8 years before and truth be known even back farther. There are a few things I think we as a people, if indeed we still are should look for. I want real issues answered not more of the same.

  1. It should be made public any organizations that they belong to and not just take their word for it but research it. I do not see all Masons as bad, there are several in my family and they are good people yet we don't discuss it but they are all not to be demonized as bad for like anything there is good and bad. Having said that let me also say that evil people and groups exist in everything but one must not swear an allegiance to a club or group above all and just because a member is running, if that member be bad should be shunned. Basically if the organization you belong to says you have to stand by a fellow member even when they are wrong or bad and especially when innocent people are being hurt you seriously need to reevaluate your life and priorities. If a person belongs to a group like this they should not be elected because the position they are seeking requires that all are treated equally and all are equals. Their allegiance is to be made to the American people and America first and above all. 
  2.  Religion, while some are bad need not be a blinding beacon, it must remain separate from state so if your voting for someone because of their religion you are voting for the wrong reason. When religion is brought into state what happens when someone decides that they believe a certain way and then pass laws to make you do the same or be persecuted? Don't think it happens, what about Salem Witch Hunts, Christians being fed to the lions, etc... Example, I am a Baptist and say I decided that everybody needs to be one or they are an enemy of the state, nobody can worship any other way but my way, get the picture? Look back at England. I may not agree with all religions but I am expected as an American and a Christian to respect their decision and them, don't believe me, read for yourself. Elect the person for their heart and values and everybody (almost) has them. Look at it like this: they will tell you their beliefs but only when asked, a truly good person will not need to flaunt it or put a sticker on their car, you will know them by their actions and deeds.  
  3. Advertising is a dead give away along with media and there is a difference. Media sound bites should be the first thing you notice and advertising should be the second. If you think the citizens of the USA are paying millions of dollars to get their choice elected your an idiot, most people are trying to stay afloat these days. Middle class are a dying breed and the poor do good to eat so that only leaves the evil ones better known as corporations and even worse and they didn't get rich throwing away dollars. If I see a lot of advertising I know they are a puppet and my interest is not on their agenda. When the media says good or bad in a few second sound bite get off your butt, turn the TV off and research it. Luckily we have the web but even that is about to change then tell everybody what you've learned. Just make sure it's not a fake sponsored site or a TV news site giving the information.
  4. Vote and really vote. If our choices are not good such as the cousins Kerry and Bush that belong to the same evil group then write the name in. Stop being good Democrats and Republicans and start being good Americans while there is still an America. Both parties and I shake at only having 2 are the same so how about an American party? Write in your candidate. Stop thinking that that will put the other party in office because they are working for the same people, big business not you! I can't help but wonder why we have 50 choices for Miss America yet only 2 for president.      
  5. Experience is actually not a plus to me, personally I want someone that has no experience. Let's face it, so far we elect experienced people and look how screwed up our country is and if you think it fine then again, research it but be sitting down so you won't fall down. You have to figure that about 2 terms in Washington and your either getting crooked or are crooked  so why elect someone that's already crooked? With  "Experienced people" we have never done so bad or have more enemies than we know do.
  6. Background is important but not a lawyer or a highly educated person, again we keep doing this and if it don't work, and it hasn't so far then it's time to change. If your driving down the road and get lost you may go a few miles but then decide that your on the wrong path and turn around, well we've past the few miles part. I also don't want a big businessman because they are usually cruel  and are use to bottom line numbers, not people. Saying you cut a billion dollars is great as long as there are not people being hurt from it like children with no heath insurance or elderly not able to afford healthcare or medicine or troops being cut in pension or vets being deigned medical and other benefits while still allowing billions to go to corporations that are paying CEOs millions of dollars while watching the small businessman close. I want an average person, ok a little smart but still an average person with a heart.
  7. Expect more from the politician than campaign promises and lies by holding them to it. There needs to be a law passed that would hold these people in contempt for lies and like any public or private job they would be fired. 
  8. If I were a pack mule I might want to be lead but since I'm not I want to be represented. Even if we were mules we would be lead by blind guides unfamiliar with steep and curvy slopes and a deadly fall is inevitable. I want to see someone who will explain to us what is available then ask what we think and really mean it. 
  9. You see the politicians mention better fuel economy and while that may sound good how about real alternative energy? There are and have been many engines and welders that are water fueled and some don't even use the water. There are perpetual engines that run on their own energy and heating and cooling solutions besides electricity as we know it and this stuff ain't new! We could almost be oil independent while keeping our lifestyles and better! 
  10. A peaceful president would be nice because we are not the world police and actually that's only what we say here in America, the rest of the world thinks us terrorists. You know, I wouldn't want the kind of life they have in Russia or China or other countries and they don't want ours. Forced Democracy is not Democracy but rather occupation. Freedom is only freedom when desired if it's forced it's slavery. If a people are content living a certain way then they are entitled to it and no matter the difference in living, beliefs or desires we can get along and be friends through respect, nobody has to bully the other. Sure if somebody attacks us we retaliate us but we have not been attacked from the outside.
  11. I want a president that will get along with other countries yet be independent. We could be self sufficient to a large extent with adjusting the oil and bring back manufacturers to the USA and those that don't be counted as part of foreign trade. Basically your stuff is made in China, it gets counted as Chinese products. That doesn't mean we cut off everybody but rather could as they can do us now do without them. We have our own dollar (worth about 4cents) but it could be brought back to life and the European Trade Association and the North American Trade Association we could trade with but not join and if they insisted we joined we could refuse. We shouldn't have to belong to the to trade with them, we done it for years that way.
  12. I want to see a president that cares about our health and not just about our dollars thy can get before we die. The next president should fire all of the FDA people and get honest ones. Then companies like Monsanto and the likes get out of the food business and back into chemicals or out of business one. I want to see corporations not own farms but have to buy from farmers. I want to see food grown properly and delete Genetically Engineered and Genetically Modified Foods, replace the Trans Fats, delete Benzene and MSG. Make fast food decent food for people's health and it wouldn't take that much to do. I want to see Blue Skies and not blurry ones from the Chemtrails.   I want to see known cures for diseases be actually implemented so people with bad diseases can be cured and uninfected ones never become infected. 
  13. I want to see the person elected care about what kind of earth we pass along to our children and have protected places set aside for them to enjoy. 
  14. I want the person to fix media back to where there are several news sources with n o large conglomerates and if companies own a Network like Westinghouse and GE which are 2 extremely large war manufacturer companies either now be able to tell news or get out of it
  15. I would like to see the United States Constitution brought back into full power along with our Bill Of Rights and measurers made to protect them so this never happens again. 
  16. I would like to see someone make it right by holding the ones responsible for not only 911 but also the 2 wars thereafter as well as destruction of our fundamental laws of government.   
  17. I'd like to see our taxation corrected to reflect the Constitution. 
  18. I'd like to see employee rights better geared to employees with incentives for companies with good safety records and payrolls above the poverty level. I want them to know that as long as 1 American is losing, as long as 1 American is suffering we have work to do. 
  19. Energy is running low and peak oil has been reached many years ago so it is running down and will soon become unstable. Now this may not seem so bad but what will we do when there is a small glitch? Thinking you'll get a smaller car or move closer to work is the easy part. Oil is used in many manufacturing businesses of plastics, rubber and metal just to name a few and the farming on a large scale will  be impossible. Add to that the trucks that deliver, ships that carry cargo and planes, trains and the picture comes more into perspective. Imagine for a moment you do walk to the store but when you get there the shelves are empty and no longer can you afford to heat or cool you house, plastic is not to be afforded as is glass and light bulbs. Not long after the trucks and trains and ships slow down prices rise and people start losing their jobs because there are not enough units being sent out and when they stop the economy collapses. Just imagine if you will taking the money expended on the invasion of the middle east on an actual alternative energy not to mention the lives destroyed. Alternatives exist and have for many years however it would still take a lot of research since the inventors have either died of old age or been murdered. Even still there are not replacements for all uses of oil but probably 90% and that is enough to make what is let last for hundreds of years. Also we would be prepared and independent like some of the "third world countries" that have already replaced most of it already but we don't hear about them doing that.   
  20. Dismantling of huge corporations. 

If this is too much to ask then we have already lost and even worse so have our children. Be glad that cancer now strikes 1 in 1 as it will be easier to live with due to a shorter life. It can be done.

    “If we ever pass out as a great nation we ought to put on our tombstone 'America died from a delusion that she had moral leadership'.” ---Will Rogers

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"The hottest places in Hell are reserved for those who, in
 times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality."
 -- Dante Alighieri