The Real Economy, Your Status, and the Deception

  It has been a while since I've written on anything like this, but I think it is long overdue and just now I have the facts sorted in my mind. Maybe it is too late. Maybe not. Some of this will be dismissed and some of this information will make people angry. Funny thing about truth, it stands alone. I also heartily agree for someone to prove me wrong on this. Be aware that I know my material well. So lets get started.

  There is much talk openly these days about "Entitlement Programs" and how we just have no funding for them. How these Socialistic programs are un-American and not Democratic. So, lets address that first. First off the money that was intended to be used for these programs is gone. It replenishes though with each paycheck that is earned. People, or at least I wasn't, asked to opt in or out as it was mandatory. Probably the biggest lie I have heard is that this is the biggest Ponzi Scheme developed. Anything could be further from the truth. It is though the biggest robbery that has ever occurred as the fund has been stolen. True, they passed laws saying they could steal it but then again I am willing to bet that a room of thieves would also be willing to say it is ok to rob you. The money has been taken and used for everything but that. Money is always being renewed though as people pay into this system. Then again, the same thieves are always stealing it out. There is nothing about this that is Socialist or Communist. Those are just words that they that are the rulers use to scare people. Those are the words they use and they are in truth like many times opposite from the truth.

  Look at the big picture for one moment and open your eyes. The average age attained here in the USA is 72. Now we all know people that are older than that, then again all know people that die younger too. You get a job at 18 years old and pay into that system until you are 65. You have paid into that program for 54 years and the average person will draw for 7 years and that is decreasing in years. There are many that will never live long enough to draw anything. If you have a child or are a child reading this, studies say that children will not outlive their parents. That is seen in the newspapers today, just check the obituaries for a couple of weeks and look at the ages. The only fall back we can have in this is if there are no jobs. As for milking the system, it's just not done. You draw according to your amount you pay in and that is capped. Just shear interest on 54 years, if interest was actually being paid, should be enough to compensate the difference.

  Is this Constitutional? Yes. The Constitution allows that everybody has the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This can and does easily fit the bill there with the average person. It doesn't fit the bill on the wealthy because it is capped at a limit that would not afford them their lavish lifestyle. So, there is nothing un-Constitutional about this. It was brought into place in a Ruling method and it would appear that it will be taken out by one as well. Democracy is basically "mob rules". When the will of the most override the will of the few. How does that sound bad? Say the town you live in decide that you are not worthy to have your house or raise your children. They get together and pass a law saying they are taking both. That is Democracy in action. Now that can even be expounded on a bit. Say you make the CEO of a large employer angered and he dictates to his employees that you are bad and he wants these things done. Same scenario except the crowd is swayed, maybe even forced to cooperate. With a Rule of Law in a Constitution this cannot happen. This is why our Constitution is so very important. And where do you think the money in these "Entitlement Programs" go? Back into circulation because they are not allocated enough money to the individual to invest in Wall Street or anything similar... and there lies the problem. If someone owns a small to medium size business I would think they would be screaming out about this attack. Be that as it may, we all like to think of ourselves as in a league we do not belong in. Unless you are a multinational corporation you are not in this club... sorry about that. These programs were enacted to help and even reward the people, seeing that they could live in security of food and shelter and in the process keep the economy going.

  Most of these are more or less not Entitlement Programs but rather Investment Programs. We pay into this system and one day expect to retire or should the unthinkable occur and we become disabled, to be able to live. These programs were designed quite well and it wasn't until corrupt politicians and some greedy Wall Street people along with multinational bankers, did it not work. People are often saying The Power That Be or Shadow Government, well this is what it is. Just a few leaches that control a few more and from there through fear tactics, threats, wars, and deception of pride they control the masses. They want you to think you can be one of them or at the least like them. So now they want to turn you on yourselves... and so they have if you have fell for this. The creators of these entitlement programs had a few things in mind. The money gets placed to the people who place it back into the economy. People have security that when they get old or injured that they will have some security of food, cloth, and shelter. Now I have no idea what faith if any the people who thought this up were, but that is what as Christians we are suppose to do. They also knew this too and changed from the inside what it means to be a Christian. I use to take it personally when I was attacked for my faith but after seeing what is going on by others who claim to be, I totally understand. All I can do is show people with my deeds and actions the difference. Lets face it. We can call ourselves cows, wear a cowbell, hang out in a milk barn, but we're not likely to give milk or eat hay.

  The Real Ponzi Scheme is 401Ks, IRAs, Retirement Plans, and the likes. They get you to "invest" part of your money and many times get the company you work for to match it. This gives the company a tax break which means the loss of the tax money must come from somewhere. Guess where? Now this money goes on a table in a game that is rigged. Like any good Casino they can make it look like you are on top just before you lose your butt. They may have a few winners, you know, to use an an example and who knows maybe you will be one of them. Just don't count on it. They really shaft twice in this game though, you and the company. The limits one can invest gets raised over the years as the few who won are boasted for all to see, and then the bomb drops. If you loved 2008 just wait until you seethe sequel. Already most know that government is wanting to take over those plans and the retirement plans with Unions they now preach are in excess. They will get these if they get the entitlement programs, it is just a matter of time. Actually I believe they will get these no matter what for these are their balls in their courtyard. The game is rigged. The real difference between these and what is called entitlement programs is that rather than the money going back into the economy it is invested in corporations that are multinational, bonuses for investors and bankers, all of which hold no allegiance to the USA. They use this money at multinational corporations to put small, medium, and even large businesses out of business. Their only goal is profits, and so they move the manufacturing and office jobs to countries with lower wages and benefits. Innovations are suppressed. Jobs that one can make a living doing are lost. Freedoms are lost. Independence is lost. Real wealth is lost. The funny/sad thing is that they use our Constitution to grow and just like the parasite they are, they eventually bleed the host dry, but they look for a new host. This time it looks to be India and China. Often times I'm asked who will they sell that to? Look at the population there and now here. Now they sucker in those people just as they did here. 

  I'm not sure if this can be stopped but I have some hope that it can, else I would not write this. One thing is for sure, things have to change and change fast. For one, holding the governments responsible no matter what. It isn't suppose to be the government, it is suppose to be we the people who are the government. Yet sadly, even in my little corner of the world, I see that our small micro government is out of touch and corrupt. At the rate it is going sadly there will be violence on the streets and I wonder if they even know that... maybe that is what they want. Unless though we change, as a people, as a person, it will do little good though. I'm sure that new rulers will emerge to fill the gap of the old rulers. The first thing is to lose that boastful pride which Satan works against us very well. Come together as a people not of parties, not of colors, but as a people. Most today that think themselves Christians, Atheist, and other beliefs, but have fallen for Pagan beliefs thanks to the likes of Al Gore and so many more. Then on the opposite side of the field we have Bush which professes the Christian faith yet does the work of Satan while he tries just as Obama to usher in a New World Order. So did Carter, Clinton, Nixon and a few more. I'm not going to say they know what they are doing, maybe they too have been deceived. Under a One World Government the antichrist will step right in. As long as we think "party" and watch TV, and listen to someone who professes one thing while doing another we will lose. So then the choice is ours. We can live on our knees or to stand on our feet, even if we end up dying on our feet. I have skimmed the surface and all this information is available for now. I have left off names of TPTB like Buffet who I one of the main ones that got this robbing of America started. Rothschild, Buffet, Soros, Brzezinski, and a few more are simply playing chess and we are the pieces. Never, ever think for one minute that you, I, nor any country matters to them.