Reality, not Fantasy


   It occurred to me the other night that reality is just a tad different than fantasy in scenarios. It seems there are no in-betweens, no disseminating information for ones own self. There exits now two worlds at the same time, the one we live in and the one we either dream or fear.  Let me explain, if you have a moment of time and a brain to think for yourself during the day with all the crap that heads from all directions. I'll present the facts as I see them and you decide for yourself.


   On the Internet there are loads of Survival Groups and part of the presentation goes along the lines of TEOTWAWKI, which stands for the "The End Of The World As We Know It" . In this assumption most often a Mad Max scenario is portrayed. Total lawlessness is one outcome presented. Total law is presented in another. Either way, all Hell breaks loose and people must either fight against a violent lawless crowd or fight against a violent tyrannical government, but sometimes both. On the Internet some ready themselves for one or the other and sometimes a combination of the two. Another anonym usually associated somewhere is SHTF, which stands for Shit Hitting The Fan. Now this one makes me laugh on some sites where one can use the anonym but never spell it out in full. This is no different than spelling a dirty word out as opposed to verbally saying the word. Can we be more childish that this?


  Then we have reality, one in which there are no clear lines that are drawn. No points of standing up. In reality TEOTWAWKI happens quiet frequently and quiet silently. We are no different than the frog who will set still in a water slowing rising in temperature and be boiled alive. We are that frog. The government does not have to violently enforce laws with military involvement, they just pass laws that control good people and do little to nothing aside to empower bad people. Just as a lock keeps an honest man honet, it does little other than slow a thief down. Where laws should be passed on their own merit they are, and have been for years now, passed as riders on major bills. We have increasingly been boiled for many years and those who are older and decided to actually awake and look around are pretty much powerless to stop the temperature from rising.


  We heard John Lennon many years ago say something to the effect that American was the new Roman Empower and that New York was the new Rome. What we fail to realize is that Rome evolved to the Nazi Empire and prior to that, Romans were the Equptian Empire.