Who Rules The World...aka The Powers That Be.



  Now I am not a writer as this will clearly show, and my research has been what conclusions I may have come to wrong. Therefore research this stuff yourself. Do not take my word for any of it and where I am wrong, please share it with me.

   We are all wondering who these people are. It is pretty much known that they are evil as their deeds and actions exhibit that. They have even convinced many that evil does not exist, a mere word attributed by man. To that I simply say that if somebody has lived on this earth and not seen evil or the effects of it, then perhaps they may just be the evil they are looking for.


   This is the best 1 film to watch. Even if you are well versed on what is happening, this is the best one I have seen. "Wake Up Call" by John Nada



   I listened for a while to Alex Jones, a man which in his own right deserves some respect, yet I find him a bit short, as are most Conspiracy Theorist (CTers), yet in a class of only a few. He has made advancements these last years, however that may be actually chipping at the gate of truth. He has successfully identified a few of them, unfortunately more often than not, innocents as well. Perhaps the showmanship is what works for some, while others see it none to the good. What he may be becoming to realize is that to get through the gate of truth you must be accurate, least you stall.

   Another CTer is David Icke, also a man which I have great respect for. He, like Alex gets you right to the gate and boom, the ride is over. His physiology and sociology lectures are nothing short of breath taking. The Problem, Reaction, Solution thing is right on the mark, it is scary. Then the reptile thing comes, jaws drop, eyes open, and minds close. But you know, David may not be all that off that much taken the evidence. Could he and or Alex be crazy? Is this deliberate? Or could they be right in many ways, yet uninformed in so many others. But we will return back to this later. Or is the reason for his job to inform in many ways, yet hide his own genius? Perhaps make anybody who hears the truthful portion not separate that baby from the bathwater and thus making all who know the truth look ignorant?   

   Aaron Russo, now there was a man that was so well learned in all areas, may he rest in peace.  Not because Aaron isn't with us, but I say it only because he was true. He was a real true American, the old kind. But how many Aarons are out there? I dare say all but extinct. In fact, the older names are dropping out like flies.


    Those that rule the world are known by many names, most popular, The Powers That Be (TPTB) and/or Illuminati. It is perhaps just as important that one learns who they are not. These are not the people you see everyday in the news, yet they do play a part in most cases. I hear people say that Freemasons and other organizations must be, gatekeepers will do anything to take your eyes off the real wizards. While I am sure that any group will have at least a few bad apples, law of nature), I seriously doubt that 1 group (other than Skull & Bones) are all bad.  


Screw it, lets just name them, or better yet, go here http://relay4thetruth.blogspot.com/2007/09/by-fritz-springmeier-from-darkvettes.html , I don't personally know this site but they got the names right. That also keeps me from typing them out and getting into trouble. Just look at the names and read some history on them. Then come back.


   Now that are the top dogs in the game...the kings. As you can see, 13, sounds small, but they are many now. Now I'm not 100% positive about this, but I will go out on a limb and say that when Rome was seeing the fall coming, they may have just took up refuge in the Roman Catholic Church. I am in no way saying that all Catholics are bad or evil. Here is a brief link http://www.cuttingedge.org/News/n2029.cfm . There are better websites, but it is late and I'm stopping for now. 

A Hint though. If someone is looking for a country, forget it. These people are globalists. While these people reside in a country, they may have a people that are their favorites, the hold NO Alliance to any country.


  The ones I have followed are Jewish in decent. Again, this doesn't make all Jews evil, just this sect. There is probably why David Icke gets his Reptilian thing from. Many peoples and lands refer to the snake or serpent, some evil, some wise. The serpent is usually seen as intelligent, even in the Bible.  Of wisdom… [Biblical: "be ye therefore wise as serpents "Matt 10:16] . This may just be where Icke lost it, or he is talking in terms or representation. Either way, Icke and others let us know there is a dividing line between TPTB and regular humans. 


     People often point to any country but here in America, yet this is their base camp. They saw a chance to abuse the laws in this country and began. Let us take just 1 company. Since I sent a Readers Digest version of Monsanto to R that he will publish, we will do GE.         

General Electric
Thomas Edison forms Edison Electric Light Company
Edison General Electric Company merges with Thomson-Houston Electric Company to create General Electric Company
Wireless Telegraph and Signal Company formed by Guglielmo Marconi
Emile Berliner and Eldridge Johnson form the Victor Talking Machine Company
David Sarnoff begins working at American Marconi
U.S. Government begins using GE produced aircraft engines
Radio Corporation of America (RCA) is created. RCA is formed after the U.S. Government gives control of the wireless industry back to the public sector following World War I. RCA gains the assets of American Marconi and becomes the controlling body of the patents belonging to General Electric, Westinghouse, United Fruit and AT&T
National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) formed. Sarnoff sees the potential of a nationwide network of radio stations and gets RCA, GE and Westinghouse to invest in the acquisition of WEAF in New York City and WJZ in Newark
NBC's "Red" and "Blue" networks respectively -as the flagship stations for the new NBC Radio network
NBC Radio broadcasts the Rose Bowl to nationwide audience
RCA purchases Victor Talking Machine Company of Camden, NJ for $154 million and begins manufacturing radios and phonographs
Due to concerns of a growing monopoly, GE and Westinghouse sell off stake in RCA
NBC introduces television broadcasting at the World's Fair in New York City
Federal Communications Commission releases its Report on Chain Broadcasting. The report is critical of the growth of broadcast networks and proposes that NBC sell off one of its two networks
NBC Red & NBC Blue
NBC receives first license for a commercial television station
After losing court battles with the FCC over the demand to divest one off its networks, RCA sells of NBC Blue Network to Edward Noble, lifesavers candy creator. Network eventually becomes ABC
NBC has first color telecast of Rose Bowl parade. Very few people actually see the telecast because there are not that many color sets in use
RCA purchases Random House
RCA purchases Ballantine Books
becomes part of Random House
RCA sells of Random House to S. I. Newhouse's Advance Publications
GE acquires NBC as part of a $6.3 billion for RCA
- GE sells RCA's music division to Bertelsmann
CNBC is formed
MSNBC is launched. Cable news network is a joint partnership between GE and Microsoft
CNBC Asia and Europe are formed.
GE gains 32% stake in Paxson Communications and its PAX TV network
Telemundo Communications Group is acquired for $2.7 billion in a deal with an investment group that includes Sony and Liberty Media. In a separate deal, Bravo Network is acquired from a deal with Cablevision and MGM for $1.25 billion
Deal announced between GE and Vivendi Universal to create NBC Universal. In the deal, GE acquires Vivendi Universal's entertainment holdings which include theme parks and Universal Pictures' movie and television studios, and three cable channels (NYT 10/9/03)
NBC Stations:
New York
Los Angeles
San Jose/San Francisco
Dallas/Fort Worth
San Diego
Telemundo Stations:
Los Angeles
New York
Dallas/Fort Worth
San Antonio
San Jose/San Francisco
Puerto Rico
NBC Universal Television Studio
NBC Universal Television Distribution
Universal Pictures
Universal Parks & Resorts
Other General Electric Businesses
GE Aircraft Engines
GE Commercial Finance
GE Consumer Products
GE Industrial Systems
GE Insurance
GE Medical Systems
GE Plastics
GE Power Systems
GE Specialty Materials
GE Transportation Systems
From turbines to TV, from household appliances to power plants, General Electric (GE) is plugged in to businesses that have shaped the modern world. The company produces -- take a deep breath -- aircraft engines, locomotives and other transportation equipment, kitchen and laundry appliances, lighting, electric distribution and control equipment, generators and turbines, and medical imaging equipment. GE is also one of the preeminent financial services companies in the US. General Electric Capital, comprising commercial finance, consumer finance, aircraft leasing, and energy financial services, is its largest segment. Other operations include the NBC television network
GE Water & Process Technologies provides water treatment, wastewater treatment and process systems solutions.

From fighters, helicopters and transports to the next generation of unmanned aircraft, GE's military engines provide the necessary power and reliability for any military application. GE's engines are proven in service and continue to operate in critical missions around the world.


GE to become Army Reserve employer partner


We are a leader in a wide range of systems and technologies for combat aircraft, military transport, helicopters, land vehicles and UAVs for the world's armed forces. Advanced aircraft such as the F-35, F-22, F/A-18 and the new generation of UAVs are equipped with our solutions from structures to electrical power systems to actuation, landing gear and propellers to avionics systems.

  There are other companies that one can check here :  http://www.flyingsnail.com/Dahbud/corporatemediatoolofevil.html


   One of the most important things to remember is what TPTB are not. They are not loyal to any country, any people, any religion. They are occult. They are not liars. They are the ones that are behind the scenes. Occasionally these days you will here mention, especially their spokesman Rothschild and Rockefeller, they seem to drawn attention. They use newspapers to indirectly announce what is about to happen, one in particular is The Washington Post.


     These people are Jewish, but that doesn't not mean that all Jewish people are bad. Hitler was part Jewish yet he attacked Jews. Why? A different tribe. There is something wickedly evil when words are allowed or disallowed. TPTB know how to use laws to their advantages, and change the ones that don't serve their purpose, so they change them.   


    Now to say that TPTB are all global bankers would not be correct. Some have found a better presence in corporations, like DuPont for instance. Ever wonder why women that never smoked, laid out in the sun, or anything else wrong get breast cancer? Notice that men are even getting breast cancer? Here is a hint, not only does the food that is GM & GE modified (Monsanto), but also the cookware, if it is non stick Teflon Coated.  Please do not take my word for this or anything, research DuPont cancer. By 2015, they will be made to take off the market, to begin reducing by 2010. That is the tip of the iceberg. I can show you all the biggest corporations just as I have done with Monsanto, GE, and DuPont, but I would rather you look for yourself.   


   There is a vision TPTB have, those that are served...and those that serve. I asked myself for a while on the depopulation thing, why? Suppose I am building a house and have it setting on a large farm. I will need more workers to get the house built and the farm arranged than I will need to sustain it once completed. Now I can't keep the workers because of the expense of real wealth, sustenance. In addition to that, one angry worker is one thing...easy, but a thousand angered workers is a mob. I at one time was a member of WWF, Sierra Club, and several others. That was until I found out who pays them and what the plans are.


  We wait for some big plague, and it may come. While we wait however, ask yourself if you are 45 or older, where were all these prevalent diseases just a few years ago? Most think cancer is genetic, and with altered food it is possible, but human to human genes, no. In 1900, there are documented cases that cancer was so rare that interns were told to take special note of this rare disease...they may never see it again. 109 years later, it is 1 in 1 will have some form of cancer. It is mathematically impossible for this to occur this fast, even if all generations reproduced at age 13. Diabetes, obesity, AIDS, antibiotic resistant diseases, and a host of other rare diseases...not to mention Autism. Notice that most of these are eventually fatal with conventional medicine, but profitable as the victim lingers. If the true numbers were revealed we would see a depopulation (except for a very few places). It isn't because they want your money, they don't. They want you to be preoccupied until you fade. Indebted. Sick, weak minded, dependant people will not unite or fight back.      


Look at the deeds and actions against nations by the World Bank, IMF, CFR, Trilateral Commission. These are the tools that work best along with TV and conventional media.


Kissinger - Read all about this thing. Click Here


There is more, but it's late.


This rambling to be continued.