Why farming is dangerous.


  With the current administration placing Michael Taylor, a man who is credited with bringing the most deadly food ever while working for Monsanto to the world. Yea I know, most countries oppose genetically modified foods, but there is this little thing called pollination. In effect, genetically modified foods have went global either by accident or intentional such as is the case in Mexico. If you have ever wondered just how crooked America's government is, look no more, here it is. Obama has just placed the devil over distributing Bibles when he placed Monsanto man Michael Taylor over the FDA. But even before I read this, I read some of the Health care plan Obamanation has in store for Americans. A big thank you has to first be gone out, one for the Clintons and one for the Bushs. Bush in his Fascist plan went one direction with giving godlike powers to Washington and especially the president while Clinton furthered the global agenda by signing us up for Codex Alimentarius. What's that? Never Heard of it? Google it. True, the government will have a record of you looking forever, but at least you will know, and forever will not last a very long time with this implementation. Codex Alimentarius is the brain storm by a Nazi war criminal while he served his stint in prison for war crimes. I have to say though, I admire his loyalty and dedication. After his master fell, Adolph Hitler, he carries on his work he was assigned to do.


  Even that however isn't as scary as what comes when you harvest and preserve. We were doing green beans. As we strung, broke, and shelled the green beans the TV was on. My wife and daughters seem to be attracted to this amusement box. Truth is, so was I at one time and I still enjoy a good movie occasionally. This little box is almost like a miracle. What on earth did people do while doing a boring and menial tasks like "breakin' beans"? Oh yea, I almost forgot, they talked to each other. Of course what on earth could that actually achieve, I mean its not like you don't see each other every night... but do we ever really just chat? I know, what could possibly be accomplished? Through those old talks we transfer real knowledge. Hopes, fears, dreams, aspirations, thoughts, views, virgin opinions. We regress into the past, something that keeps our minds fresh, something that determines our present which in turn effects our future and the future of those we interact with. We not only make aware our needs and wants but more importantly, we know the other person's needs and wants, be it a spouse, sibling, child, or just a friend. Now I call the perspective virgin opinions for a reason. When you are watching TV none of what you hear is virgin opinion and therefore many times are expressed with a motive in mind. It is written by professionals and read by professionals directed at what the ones in charge want to convey to you and how you are suppose to think. Often times these are from people not in touch with the real world. People you would not normally associate with nor would they you. Then there are shows. Ask yourself, have you really benefitted from them. When benefits your life and has the most impact on it. The person you are either living with or near, or that box with noise coming out at you. Therein lies the difference. The box talks at you and when you get upset you talk at the box. Without TV playing in that background, people talk with each other. This has truly become a lost art. People are creatures of habit and learn faster visually.  

  I have been forced to watch TV the last few nights and without a doubt the biggest question I have is, "Does Pete Jennings actually eat out of that mouth?" Then they bring in Tom Brokaw, another winner. I have never heard such one sided news filled with high grade manure come out of a person's mouth without taking a breath. I watched as he spoke and the scariest thing is either he has become (like most anchors are) excellent at this crap. So good that I also have to wonder if he is really STUPID enough to believe that crap, or is he just really good at lying. This is news? Or.... could this just be a part of the news with a lot of lies, omissions of truth, and acting. The big argument for watching TV is that you must be informed of what is happening. I must agree, you must be informed, but of TRUTH, not LIES! I have yet to meet anybody, not a single person that watches TV that is smart or really has a clue about what is going on. Not a single one. They are filled with lies, holes in information, and someone's else analysis of what is actually happening. That doesn't make that person evil or bad, just willingly ignorant. That use to be called stupid just a few years back, but that is no longer politically correct. Just an observation: People who are smarter, happier, more successful, and accomplish more seldom watch TV. 

  I watched the squawk box and at times busted out laughing. There was a commercial that was written for exercising and weight loss. Tone up them muscles! This was actually a stripper's pole and table dances. I was watching a commercial with some good looking exotic dancers and being told it was an exciting new weight loss and, body toning program. Ladies. If you are fat and / or flabby, your husbands will not see their wife in the same light as the professional sluts on TV. This will NOT make you look like them and there may be many that die from blindness having to watch you, after they poke their eyes out. Gentlemen. Do you want a wife or a whore? You're call. Personally I want my wife to be a mother and a partner. Now if she done this for me that would make me her pimp. While we're at it, if your wife successfully achieves this new slutty exercise, achieves a body like that, what makes you think she will stay with you? You have reduced your wife to an physical object, one with no brain, no emotions, no connection to anything meaningful. Do you think someone like that will have the capabilities to connect with you on anything more than a whore to the client relationship? What makes you think you are that desirable? Ladies and gentlemen. If that is what it takes to make a woman feel desirable and men to desire them. If women and men are just two animals having sex. If being a lady isn't enough. If being an intelligent human being with a real purpose in life isn't enough. Then perhaps we deserve to be ruled by cruel, greedy, heartless, gutless, evil people.

  I watched as I seen people that made slats against God on the TV on what should have been a impartial show. I watched as a commercial for a new animated kid's movie looked more adult film than kids. That brings me to another gripe, Adult Films. Since when do reasonable, intelligent, caring, good people watch porn, aka, XXX? They don't. So why is this called an adult film with only real adults will not watch this trash. Then again, Heaven forbid you actually see who you have voted for in office. About a year ago I was given a list of convicted child predators in DC "leaders". We are amused about electing such people? Just like many of the famous "stars" on TV and theater and sports figures who live a lifestyle that many would be in prison for. That is who we want our children to admire? This is how we wish to be remembered? A society that is generally good and decent people admiring bad, indecent people? This is the legacy we want to leave our future generations?

  I am not for government dictating our lives, social behavior, or anything else not afforded by The Constitution. We vote with our dollars folks. We vote with our dollars. If you decide to turn off or turn the station advertisers will not spend money advertising and if stations lose money when running stupid advertising, they simply will not do it. But are we smart enough to do that? That has become the real question. While watching TV  it seemed as if every show was something to do about sex... even the cooking shows. The new sitcoms were heavily related to sex and vulgar comments. Does one really think one can digest this crap and not be effected? I hope not. What does cooking shows have to do with sex other than if you eat too much you'll probably not be having much. And a show called "Dance Your Ass Off"? Would this have been done over 20 years ago, I don't think so. I really don't expect much from Soap Operas, they have always been kind of the gutter for entertainment. Sitcoms usually floated a bit so that was sort of expected, just now it seems to deal mainly with sex. Many commercials are geared to sex or how much better you look or will look, or preform. Then the beer ads, hey at least they too go along with the shows since before and after sex they are either drinking or drunk. Then there are drug ads, so, so many of the drug ads. Here is a hint, if the list of side effects are just a portion they fast forward through, do you really want to chance it. Gardaisl must spend a fortune and why anybody would subject themselves or their children to this horrible drug would beat me.

  After a couple of weeks breaking beans it occurred to me just how dangerous farming can be these days. The danger isn't in the spinning blades of the tiller or the large blades of the bush hog, the quickly spinning PTO shaft. It's not the spiders, snakes, or other vermin in the field or garden. It is not the large animals you have to deal with or the heat of the day. The part that makes farming dangerous is the breaking, preparing, and preserving part. That is when the TV is on many times, the most dangerous thing you can work with. The stupid ideas, vulgar actions and words, coveting, happy, happy feel good, disinformation on "News", and this information they convey is dangerous. This intentional dumbing down that one is subjected to. "You are the company that you keep", old people said years ago. The next time you think about turning your TV on ask yourself. "Is this really me, if not, do I really want to be like them ?"