Why I changed the site.

  Not that I really wanted to ever get into this, but perhaps I should.

   This was the 3rd Poultry related site on the web and quite vast, it still is in the message forum that I left in tact for Glenda Heywood to run. Glenda is a wealth of information, and it is real information, not new age or contrived. Glenda enjoys helping people with their animals and she is good at it.

   Without going too deep, if you want deeper you can ask, things changed in 2005 for me. I apologize if this has embarrassed my friends and should have said something  sooner. I still love animals and poultry but that wasn't what I needed to do. I can't explain within rational, scientific explanations suitable for people to understand, except for my friends at other boards I frequent.

   January 31st of 2005, somewhere between 2-4am, I had a pretty decent heart attack...one could say a deadly one. There is a moment in your life, somewhere between the last breath and no breath that one gets a review, mine wasn't so good. We think not being bad is good enough - its not. I can assure you that everything you do, done, thoughts, actions, non-actions and they're effects you will know. It is only through Grace that we are forgiven. We have this things about being saved and thus forgiven, that if we go to church, that if we do good deeds that we are worthy. I died thinking I was a decent person right up until I faced what was acceptable in this world is not in the eyes of God. By His Grace and Love He forgave me. The best person here pales in comparison to the Creator. 

   We all come back with some info and a drive, sometimes we do not understand, yet we know we must do. Mine was truth, to seek it and reveal it. I do not know why. I quickly found that much of what I had known, had believed, had lived by was wrong. That is the only way I can say it, not politically correct, but true. What is right and wrong for you and me does not matter, it is what God (whatever name you call Him), is what matters. He has many names, I feel comfortable saying God, but I know that is what He is, not His name.

   I have tried to warn people of what is now at hand, even though some of those who once called me friend walked away thinking I was crazy. That may be debatable. For some who listened,  like us they are ready as they can be. Some of what I present and still present isn't well liked. The truth hurts and especially if one has been sold a lie, worse if one has lived that lie. I'm not sure if had I have not died that I would understand. I certainly thought I did. Some thought my cancer diagnosis must have been that final push in July 1st, 2005. Well, as you can see, I still work and breathe and it is not from conventional medicine. There are several cures out there. They are cheap and inexpensive. 

   What I came back knowing is that we judge each other more harshly that God judges us, and that is a good thing. I discovered that much of man's dogma and loose interpretation of God's words keeps us from him. I unfortunately discovered that when someone prays to God, make sure it is the Creator and not a false god, for there are many. There is much of this done these days. As long as we have hate in our heart, the chances of getting to God are slim. We tend to judge each other or just as bad, compare ourselves to each other. We measure ourselves to other people. I assure you that the best person here on earth will fall drastically short, where will that leave you? We have enough of our own faults to repair without fixing or judging someone else.

   The world is not easy anymore for me to live in, yet I have no choice. I thought life was just a game but it is not. Another NDEr (Lou) said it best, "Man will PREY upon man until man PRAYS for man." It is that simple, yet the world has enough evil these days that it is all but impossible to find. For those that say living is better than the alternative, it may very well be for you. I can assure you that no words can describe how great it can be, how loving, peaceful, kind, and compassionate God is when you stand before Him.

   So I have tried to expose some of the evil that surrounds us, much of which we participate in. That is what I feel I was to do, may God forgive me if I understood Him wrong. You see, part of the review will be based on you admitting the truth, then asking forgiveness for the deeds you thought were ok. Ignoring the truth is just as bad as lying, but one day you take that up with God. We are responsible for our own actions.  

   Some have asked if I am miserable. I assure you I'm not. I just simply don't want you to be miserable forever and even worse, allow evil people to use you to make another person miserable. I must admit, if given the choice, for as much as I love my family. I would have stayed.  


   So that is why I changed this site, but I did leave www.gkpet.com as is. It does go deeper, but that is all I will place for now.  

Take Care,

Anthony Kimbrough