Word Origins and Notes

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Sin Sin (Akkadian: Su'en, Sn) or Nanna (Sumerian: DE.KI, DNANNA) was the god of the moon in Mesopotamian mythology. Nanna is a Sumerian deity, the son of Enlil and Ninlil, and became identified with Semitic Sin. The two chief seats of Nanna's/Sin's worship were Ur in the south of Mesopotamia and Harran in the north.
Nanna Origin unknown but the earliest know use, spelling found in Ur and Uruk is DLAK-32.NA. The Semitic moon god Su'en/Sin is in origin a separate deity from Sumerian Nanna, but from the Akkadian Empire period the two undergo syncretization and are identified.
Nazi Nazi is a god in Sumerian mythology, one of the eight deities born to relieve the illness of Enki. While he was born from a god Nazi was believed to be a man.[1] He was the consort of the goddess Nindar.