Lets see if I remember what I studied about 5 or 6 years ago. Back then I heard the "tin foil hat" thing from many willingly ignorant people I talked to locally, so I shut up.

America and Canada will be virtually dissembled. It isn't "one big country" but rather "member states", remember those terms. The reason being is that as states they can have certain rights and laws that do not have to pertain to another state. While that sounds not as bad it is very bad. Most ports are owned by countries in the east. Slowly they have bought many of them out. The USA and Canada could place all kinds of Tariffs on imports but products coming from Mexico would not be considered imported. Components could be made in China, India, etc, and yet be shipped into Mexico for assembly. Now they are NAFTA made products and not subject to Tariffs in the USA or Canada.

A friend of mine who is a State Senator visited Mexico a few years ago and noticed a lot of manufacturing buildings empty. He and his family, when Mexican authorities found out he was a State Senator, gave them a special tour. He asked why they were empty and the response was that manufacturers use Mexico for a zone to skip to. They leave the USA and set up shop here for cheaper labor for a few years, then relocate for even cheaper labor overseas. Using that me and a few friends started researching into why, and that is when NAFTA's real game rules came into full view. People said back then it was a Conspiracy Theory even though data supported our claims. People were/are stupid, it is like most things labeled that, an Agenda and crosses all parties.

NAFTA will also do yet another thing, make the currency the same across the board. Imagine the people who have went to Mexico and other countries where the dollar is worth more than the Peso. In this though, Canada will take a worse beating as their currency is worth more than ours, which is still a mute point. A new endeavor and worthless fiat currency will call for a new fiat currency that will, like the ones we have now, start at full worth. Just as our current currencies started at full worth and became worthless, so will this one in time. Setting up the infrastructure though with the NAFTA Highway and the new borders will cost a lot. Of course that will also mean new developments along this highway. Money will be made there, fortunes will be made, while the rest of the countries will collapse. All of this connects yet again with another Agenda, Agenda 21.

Agenda 21 calls for a re-wilding of North America, us in particular. A newer site has been working on just that one Agenda now for a little over a year, if that. It is called MorphinCity and here is the URL http://www.morphcity.com. I highly suggest you become familiar with that one. A few will be allowed to live in a few zones and probably they will be hand picked. Thinking one can rough it is a dream with today's technology. I realized that yesterday while feeding the cows and watching two Black Helicopters fly by, an unusual site for here. Even if one has the ability to take them down, satellites can track and find a person, or the close location they are in. One Snake & Nape or a Cluster bomb and they have you. Then again, with Active Denial systems, they can make you walk out on your own. This year we saw the Census people with GPS and punching in locations. How hard is it going to find you then? A bow and arrow are about the only thing that wouldn't show up, but they can't heat you or defend you against modern day equipment. Agenda 21 also brings about yet something else, a new religion.

  Religion, Christian, Jewish, and Muslim, according to the UN and it's rulers must be eliminated... and it pretty much has. While I will be the first to agree with we must keep our planet clean, there is a fine line between worship and respecting it. Most have crossed that line without even knowing it. While I believe in the saying Mother Earth it is just that, a saying, yet some have taken that way out of context. Words are the annunciation of meaning and the same words can say truth or lie, I'm being blunt. Religions that are based upon God with no bowing to a man or government have no place for the future they want to bring in. Worship of gods though, especially Nature, have a great role in the plans. It leaves you open to more gods and at the same time worshipping gods that you have control over, yet at the same time have to be sacrificed to. Pagan worship is to worship nature and many have bought into that, only not the "conventional" type of Pagan worship. It started with Global Warming, a revision and reversal of an old form first tried in the seventies. When that was proved wrong then it became renamed as Climate Change. Funny, they used a real term to promote a false Agenda. Climate Change is real, only it is also natural and called Seasons. I can't speak for the Muslim or Jewish beliefs, but as a Christian, I have seen so many changes in the last few decades in beliefs. Many times if someone doesn't tell me they are Christian, I would have no idea they were a Christian, but that is another article. Wars are waged and hearts are misguided as these three religions fight with each other and amongst themselves. Which bring in yet another piece of the puzzle, War.

  War must be persuaded, promoted, and yet at the same time, rigged to a war that nobody can win. Nixon, most would agree was a deceitful and evil man, yet they support his War on Drugs. While the CIA brings many of the harmful drugs into country for distribution, they pursue and have others to pursue ones that are lower on the food chain. To make it interesting and a complete failure they added hemp, something that at the beginning of our country was a staple and farmers were forced to grow. Either we had a country of pot heads that wrote the Constitution or we have a group that have infiltrated our government and some really stupid people they govern. Just for the record, I don't use pot myself. Those old feed sacks, all the grass ropes, some building in Europe... hemp. The Constitution was drafted on hemp, and Henry Ford made a few cars from hemp. Clothes were made from hemp as was paper... and that is just a start. Now if this "green" thing were real, why isn't that be pushed. It grows quick, stable, strong, durable, hardy, herbal. Then again, why is Bamboo so high? So we basically we wage war on what? Then we have the war on the Climate. Again, something we really have no beef with or control of. Most recently, the war on Terrorism. How important is The war On Terror? Trillions of dollars are spent, and it isn't just the USA spending either. So that the war will continue, just as the war on drugs or the green revolution has, new definitions are added and revised so that now even peace activists can be called terrorists. As a matter of fact, you are a terrorists for even reading this.

  So how does all this go under the radar and seemingly just pops up at the last minute, ignorance. People who are enslaved without bars or consider themselves free are perhaps the enslaved people in the world. The Germans pre Hitler were a fine example of this and before them Rome. Now I guess it is our turn here in America, or, as some spell it, Amerika. I'm going to list a few ways that these events go under the radar, I'm sure there are more as I am only writing very little because this is beginning to get long, and I hate long. Still, this will give you enough so that you can research the keywords and fine out for yourself.

  I started to begin with television but after heavy consideration, I would say mind control. Not the Orson Wells type, that may one day come but for now this for is working great for them. While the term Think Tank is a relatively new term, the art itself isn't. It dates back to as early as 1884, in some notes, but it is much, much, older. A good film is about one of Charles Darwin's relatives named Edward Bernays. There are several films and books about him. Research Century of Self. Now I am not going into what I think of him but rather you decide. Think tanks know how to sway you, your mind, your beliefs, your convictions. They actually know you better than they know yourself. Whatever you may think about, they have probably had a hand in it. Thus came the way things work and probably always have. 1- Problem (created intentionally or accidentally). 2 - Reaction (The crowd's every reaction is studied). 3 Solution (A preplanned solution is offered). They shape and mould your every thought as long as you don't catch on. Example: Today in America we hear the word Democracy, never stopping to think about what it actually is and if America was suppose to be one. They have no idea what they are saying. Here is a Video that explains that. LINK. You and I, we have the illusions of freedom with boundless choices.... on what we buy. Real freedom, think again.

   The second thing is television. The corporations have long since bought out the so called news, actually the whole media. On TV shows and movies someone goes to the press with a "hot story" that will stand evil people on their head. The again, love always wins, the villain is caught or stopped, problems always get solved, the guy always gets the girl... should I continue? Even if Weakileaks of been real, we see by the reaction of the masses that they want dirty laundry, as long as it ain't ours. Why would multinational corporations tell you something that would effect their business? They wouldn't, would you?  Aleister Crowly, who was also known as the beast and 666, was clearly not a very nice person. My apologies to Barbra Bush for speaking ill of her father. He prophesied that one day there would be a little box placed in every house that would be worshipped. That one day he could spread his beliefs. What he described back then in those terms and others perfectly fit the television. For a story on that, here is a video that is a must see. LINK. Back to the main thing though about news. There are only about four or five multinational corporations that own all the television, radio, and large newspapers, plus magazines. These same ones own all kinds of multinational corporations that produce everything from drugs, food, appliances, and war products. If you are swayed from one product, be sure they still profit. They also precondition you to things as well as change what you believe, what you think, and in essence, who you are. Some good sites for that are VigilantCitizen and GoodFightMinistries.

   Health is another way and so many more, but I tire from writing and this has gotten too long, yet we haven't even skimmed the surface. I do want to say that the best effective way is by making you believe that you are crazy, evil, or a traitor to ask questions. That it is a tin foil hat hat, which is stupid and said by only stupid people... so don't be stupid. I wanted to say and have in the past little while the phrase, willingly ignorant. I love doing stuff like that to make a point that people are stupid enough to repeat, like a Parrot, something they heard. Like the word Abyss. I bet my wife and a few friends that I could get everybody using that word, abusing that word, and not even know the meaning... within 6 months. Shorter than that, it popped up everywhere, kind of like the word Paradigm, but I didn't start that. So, for all those that went wild over that word, here is what it is. Hell.  

  I'll write more later on. I'm not sure if I'll edit this page or create a new one.